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The 40th World Economic Forum is dedicated to eradicating poverty by the simplest, most obvious means possible  
Initiatives for the Annual Meeting 2010

We don't need, right now, a hundred initiatives. A few simple steps will take us a very great distance towards vanquishing the primary threat to civilized life on earth.

Click here for a list of all of this year's initiatives, and here for an overview of the Annual Meeting 2010.


Sane Tax Initiative

The cancellation of taxes on labor and basic consumption, the creation of a 2% worldwide tax on property ownership (except basic habitation for the poor), and the implementation of a global 0.5% flat tax on all financial transactions with a total prohibition of speculation on food products.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, taxes were largely used as a means of reducing inequalities, and fell mainly on property ownership.

Neoliberal policies of the 20th century slowly shifted the tax burden away from the rich to the poor by taxing labor and consumption—making the poor responsible for financing our economic system while giving the rich most of the benefit. And we all know what became of trickle-down theory.

Taxes must be shifted away from basic necessities and consumption, and back to profit-making operations, and the ownership of natural resources and other industrial properties. A tax must also be levied on financial transactions.

For more information on these issues:


Nicolas Sarkozy
Watch President Sarkozy of France recap some measures to end poverty worldwide

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